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AstroCel® III 4000 Extended Surface Pleated Panel Filters
HEPA/ULPA Cleanroom Products
AstroCel® display excellent efficiency on the fine particulate matter and is designed for use in high air volume application. due to its high capacity fewer filters are required to handle the same volume of air compare to same HEPA filters with lower capacity.
Available for all ranges of applications, ie: Food processing, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor.
  • Product Features & BenefitsH12 and H13 in accordance with EN1822
  • 4000 m³/h air volume saves space
  • Low energy consumption

   AstroCel® III 4000
 Media  Ultra-fine fiberglass
 Separators  Thermoplastic beads
 Sealant  Polyurethane
 Frame  Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel
 Efficiencies  99.99-99.99995% @ 0.3 micron particle
 Nominal depth  292mm
 Max. Operating Temp.  70°C
 Initial Resistance  250 Pa @ 400 m³/h
Listed on Apr 18, 2017

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