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SAAF™ Cassette Medium Duty
SAAF™ Cassette Heavy Duty
SAAF™ Cassette Cleanroom Grade
V-Bank Gas-Phase Filtration Cassette
SAAF Cassette Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Cleanroom Grade is a special designed cassette for gas removal applications.
SAAFTM Cassette Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, and Cleanroom Grade is used for gas removal applications.
Odor control applications at waste water treatment plants
  • Odor control for exhaust air streams
  • Purification of pressurization air for corrosion control
  • Outdoor air purification for cleanroom or pharmaceutical airflows
  • Higher concentration airflows in institutional or commercial establishments
  • Airflows in museums, archives, or historical facilities
  • Energy savings related applications
High Tech Product Features
  • Constructed from High impact Polystyrene (HIPS) with SAAF Chemical Media
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and performance tests confirm optimal design
  • One piece construction reduces by-pass
  • Form and fit unlike any other Gas filtration cassette
  • Improved fit and sealing, even when deployed in older cassette holding systems
  • Enhanced media utilization design
  • No-glue design eliminates problems from spills, off gassing, bypass and leakages
  • QC compliance on these cassettes under lSO9OO1 :2000 and other global quality certifications

    Design, Construction, and Patents
    SAAF Cassettes perform and operate at the optimum gas filtration efficiency due to various patent pending features.
    SAAF-V - Patent pending enhanced media utilization design eliminates the ‘nose cavity’ typically created by legacy cassettes. Nose cavities ‘cocoon’ up to 30% of the chemical media keeping it isolated from airflow contact at all times during the life of the cassette. SAAF Cassettes are the only cassettes which utilize 92% of all chemical media in the cassette outperforming legacy cassettes by 25%.
    SAAF-T-Snap - Patent pending design provides a high pressure, no-glue snap assembly. This rigid construction excludes harmful glues, solvents, or MEK's from the manufacturing process. The SAAF-T-Snap design, unlike legacy cassettes, has no see- through holes in the solid end plates. This allows for better structural integrity and eliminates gas by-pass problems.
    The entire SAAF Chemical Media in the cassette can be used specifically to overcome the external gaseous contaminants, not contaminants from the cassette itself. SAAF Cassettes are the ideal choice in cleanroom or high-precision applications where zero off- gassing products are mandatory.
    SAAF-T-Butterfly Seal and SAAF-T-Groove - Designs provide near absolute sealing, even in existing retrofit applications.
    SAAF-T-Seal - Patent pending plastic rivets secure the solid fill caps at multiple points and secure against bursts or leaks in normal usage. Older legacy cassettes use stickers, labels, or low friction end caps that have high instances of failure and chemical media spillage.
    SAAF-T-Track - System utilizes the SAAF-T-Groove feature and provides a compression fit that eliminates by-pass. The solid top and bottom rail system on SAAF Cassettes eliminates yet another by-pass zone. Cassette-To-Cassette Mating Seals - Smooth mating end panels with no penetrations or outward turned flanges allow excellent cassette-to-cassette sealing.
    SAAF-T-Screens - Patent pending and precision engineering allow optimized apertures for better media retention and better energy efficiency through improved aerodynamics and reduced pressure drop.
    Listed on Apr 18, 2017

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